Individual Therapy

Individual Counseling and PsychotherapyIndividuals seek psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons, but generally have the goal of feeling better about their lives, generally, and their relationships, specifically. Another typical goal for most individuals is greater self-awareness, and, with that greater awareness, the ability to make the choice to change their thinking and/or behavior.

Because the majority of our emotional wounds occur in relationships, I believe they are best healed through relationship. Thus, I describe the therapeutic work I do as working “relationally” with my patients. The therapeutic relationship differs from all other relationships, as what the patient shares is kept strictly confidential, and the focus is always on the patient. This relationship involves the patient and me interacting with and engaging one another, with the goals of enhancing the patient’s self-knowledge and providing the patient with new and reparative experiences.

My experience has proven that increased frequency of contact (two or more sessions per week) significantly deepens the therapeutic relationship and “speeds up” the healing process. For more in-depth information on individual psychotherapy and how to choose a therapist, please see “Why Psychotherapy?”, “Choosing a Therapist”, and my “Home” pages. For additional information on how I work, or to schedule a consultation, please contact me.

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All knowledge is experience. Everything else is just information.
- Einstein

I provide my services to the highest ethical standards and my relationships with my patients are strictly confidential. As such, I must inform you that the information provided in this Website is offered for informational purposes only; it is not offered as and does not constitute professional advice. Replies to e-mail messages will be general in nature and will not form a therapist-patient relationship. Be aware that the confidentiality of information sent over the Internet, including e-mail, may not be legally or otherwise protected or secure.